Standard Program
  • 30 Classroom Hours*
  • 6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Driving*
  • 6 Hours In Car Observation*
  • Parent/Student Orientation
  • ODOT Approved Course
  • Convenient Online Scheduling
  • Flexible Drive Schedule
  • Online Gradebook Access
  • Potential Insurance Discount
  • Free Text Book Provided.


We have designed our program to help your student become an excellent driver. This program will take approximately 4 months to complete all requirements. Please plan accordingly.

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This is an ODOT approved teen program
designed for 15-17 year olds.



ODOT Approved Course






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Beaverton ODEC Classes


APRIL 1 - jUNE 10 Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm 

No Class - 5/27

APRIL 31 - jUNE 10 Saturday 12:3- - 3.300pm 

No Class - 5/27

APRIL 2 - jUNE 10 Sunday 9;00am-12:12:00

No Class - 4/9, 5/28

APRIL 2 - jUNE 10 Sunday 12:3- - 3.300pm 

No Class - 4/9, 5/28

JApril 2 - May 31 M,W 3:30 - 5:30pm 

No Class -14/10, 4/12, 5/29



All Behind the wheel sessions are scheduled outside of class time. You will receive login credentials before the first day of class. We have designed this class to help your student become an excellent driver. This program will take 120-180 days to complete all of the requirements. Please plan accordingly.

ODOT Required Parent/Student Orientation:

In an effort to ensure the success of your student in our ODOT approved driver education program, please plan to attend the required parent/student orientation. Expectations, objectives, and procedures will be reviewed. It is also a time to gain clarification regarding new laws and driving techniques. If you are unable to attend your students scheduled parent orientation, you may choose one that will better fit your schedule.

While the driving portion of our ODOT approved program runs concurrently with the scheduled class time, all drives and observations are conducted outside of class and may be at a different location. Behind-the-Wheel lessons are set in 6 two hour blocks a minimum of 14 days apart.