Medically At Risk

Refresh your knowledge of safe driving practices and learn about new traffic control and roadway design features through a mature driver class.

What can be done?

  • Be aware of your physical limitations and how they may affect your driving.
  • Listen to what people tell you who know you best and care about you most.
  • Discuss driving with your doctor - He or She can evaluate interactions and side effects of medications.
  • Begin planning alternative ways of meeting your transportation needs.

Medically At Risk Drivers

Are physical changes affecting your ability to drive? While everyone wants to keep driving for as long as possible, no one wants to be a threat to themselves or to others because they are no longer able to drive safely.

In an effort to assist individuals, family members, and healthcare providers in evaluating driving ability, Oregon Driver Education Center, Inc. offers driver training and assessment. This service includes an in-car appraisal with a state certified instructor. This may be supplemented by simulator training. We offer a thorough, written report of performance in a variety of driving environments.


DriveABLE™ was developed by world renowned expert, Dr. Allen Dobbs. Learn about the science behind DriveABLE™ and how it is being used to screen medically at-risk drivers. Products and services such as the DriveABLE™ Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT™) and the DriveABLE™ On Road Evaluation (DORE™) programs have been developed to meet various individual and organizational needs.


ODEC employs Certified Rehabilitation Training Specialists to train low vision condition persons in the use of bioptic telescopic lenses while driving.


We have compiled a list of useful information for physicians.


This 4 hour course is designed for individuals required by the DMV to obtain professional training prior to a re-examination of their driving privileges (written evaluation included). ODEC will request a 30-day permit for drivers under medical suspension.


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